Transactions: 1-17-08


35K WSMX-AM Greensboro-Winston-Salem NC (Winston-Salem NC) from Gospel Media Inc. (Sylvester Davis Johnson) to Truth Broadcasting Corporation (Stuart W. Epperson Jr.). 10K advance payment, balance in cash at closing, pursuantg to LMA/option of 6/6/07. Superduopoly with WPOL-AM, WKEW-AM & WTRU-AM. [File date 12/19/07.]

N/A WMGL-FM Charleston SC (Ravenel SC) from The Last Bastion Station Trust LLC (Elliot B. Evers) to Citadel Broadcasting Company (Farid Suleman). Citadel is able to retrieve station from trust after its WNKT-FM moved from St. George SC to Eastover SC and the Columbia SC market, creating cap room in Charleston. Superduopoly with WSSX-FM, WIWF-FM, WWWZ-FM & WTMA-AM. [File date 12/19/07.]