Transactions: 08-23-07


1.5M WTSA AM & FM Brattleboro VT from Tri-State Broadcasters Inc. (Edward N. Ney, Michelle Kilduff, John Kilduff) to Four Seasons Media Inc. (William J. Corbiel, Kelly Corbiel). Cash. Includes non-compete. [File date 7/30/07.]

520K WOHT-FM Grenada MS. 100% of Century Broadcasting LLC from Steve White (51% to 0%), John Taylor Paschal (49% to 0%) to Gregory F. Slotsky (0% to 100%). Unspecified down payment and promissory note. Includes non-compete. Includes LMA of WMUT-FM Grenada MS, owned by George S. Flinn Jr. LMA 7/2/07. [File date 7/30/07.]