Tiger Woods CMO Sentiment Survey released


Approximately 76% of Marketers would cancel, reduce or suspend their business relationship with Tiger Woods, if currently using the professional golfer as a celebrity endorser.

Argyle Executive Forum conducted the survey electronically over the last 48 hours (since 12/11) and received over 600 responses from members of its senior marketing professional community.

“The topic of celebrity endorsement is regularly discussed at Argyle Executive Forum’s CMO Leadership events. We felt it would be interesting to survey our community and see what the current sentiment is towards Tiger Woods” said Jason Redlus, Managing Member of Argyle Executive Forum.
The precise wording of the survey question was: Given the information you have at the current time, would you keep or change your celebrity endorsement business relationship with Tiger Woods if you were currently using him in your campaigns?

– I would maintain my relationship (22%)
 – I would reduce my relationship (14%)
 – I would increase my relationship (2%)
 – I would suspend my relationship (37%)
 – I would cancel my relationship (25%)