Thousands support Smerconish petition to save 9/11 hero


Dial Global’s Michael Smerconish is spearheading a petition to help save 9/11 hero Jose Melendez-Perez’s job. Melendez-Perez is the US Terrorism Task Force agent, who turned Mohamed al-Kahtani away from the Orlando International Airport one month prior to 9/11.  The 9/11 Commission would determine that Kahtani was intended to be the fifth hijacker on Flight 93- the only plane hijacked on 9/11 by four terrorists, not five.  Melendez-Perez’s vigilance kept the intended 20th 9/11 hijacker out of the US.
Melendez-Perez is now in risk of losing his job after he violated Customs and Border Protection policies by driving a government-issued vehicle home for a weekend, during which a government-issued firearm, ammunition, and laptop were stolen.  Melendez-Perez has said the incident was “a mistake, reflecting poor judgment and should have never happened. Throughout my 44 year career with the federal government, I have lived by my principles of personal honor and professional integrity.  My actions regarding this incident fall short of that standard”.
Michael Smerconish’s petition supports the 9/11 hero and he is urging his listeners to stand behind Jose Melendez-Perez and allow him to retain his rank of Supervisory Customs and Border Protection Officer, and continue to serve as a CBP on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. 
So far, thousands of signatures have been collected. To show your support, visit  to sign the petition.