"The X Factor: The Judges' Ultimate Picks" special being offered


The one-hour special from Fox All Access features the upcoming FOX TV Show judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger. It coincides with the premiere of this The X Factor and is available to stations nationwide from now through 9/21.

Hosted by FOX All Access personality Chris Leary, the special gives listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the current music and artists who inspire the judges. Captured during exclusive FOX All Access interviews, listeners hear firsthand which recording artists the judges think have “The X Factor,” as well as the songs they think best represent those artists.

It will also give listeners a sneak peek into the professional lives of The X Factor judges and how their unique experiences and collaborations with music icons such as Elton John, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Usher have paved the way to where they are today.

Fox All Access is a two-hour weekly entertainment radio show produced by FOX that targets CHR and Hot AC formats. Hosted by Chris Leary, it takes listeners onto the red carpet, behind the scenes, backstage and into the studio to hear from the biggest names in music, TV and film. FOX All Access features the hottest hits and artists around, including tastemakers like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Maroon 5, Black Eyed Peas, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Air dates and times for the special:

KOOX/San Francisco, CA Saturday, Sept. 3 6:00-7:00 PM PT
WDVD/Detroit, MI Sunday, Sept. 4 9:00-10:00 PM ET
KUDD/Salt Lake City, UT Sunday, Sept. 4 5:00-6:00 PM MT
KKWD/Oklahoma City, OK Sunday, Sept. 4 10:00-11:00 PM CT
KKOB/Albuquerque, NM Sunday, Sept. 4 1:00-2:00 PM MT
WWXM/Myrtle Beach, SC Sunday, Sept. 4 6:00-7:00 PM ET

The Fox All Access affiliate list:

WPLJ-FM New York, NY 95.5
KIIS-FM Los Angeles, CA 102.7
KVVS-FM Lancaster, CA 97.7
KGGI-FM Riverside, CA 99.1
WXLC-FM Chicago, IL 102.3
WSSR-FM Chicago, IL 96.7
WKSC-FM Chicago, IL 103.5
WRDW-FM Philadelphia, PA 96.5
KBWF-FM San Francisco, CA 95.7
KKIQ-FM San Francisco, CA 101.7
KOOX-FM San Francisco, CA 93.7
KUIC-FM San Francisco, CA 95.3
WXLO-FM Worcester, MA 104.5
WJYY-FM Concord Lakes, NH 105.5
WIHT-FM Washington DC 99.5
WWWQ-FM Atlanta, GA 100.5
KRBE-FM Houston, TX 104.1
WDVD-FM Detroit, MI 96.3
KKWF-FM Seattle, WA 100.7
KHTC-FM  Minneapolis, MN 96.3
WPOW-FM Miami, FL 96.5
WHBC-FM Canton, OH 94.1
WQAL-FM Cleveland, OH 104.1
KALC-FM Denver, CO 105.9
KDND-FM Sacramento, CA 107.9
KYKY-FM St Louis, MO 98.1
WZPT-FM Pittsburgh, PA 93.7
WCCR-FM Pittsburgh, PA 92.7
KRSK-FM Portland, OR 105.1
KWJJ-FM Portland, OR 99.5
WWMX-FM Baltimore, MD 106.5
WLNK-FM Charlotte, NC 107.9
WZPL-FM Indianapolis, IN 99.5
KMYI-FM San Diego, CA 94.1
WQGN-FM Hartford, CT 105.5
WDAF-FM Kansas City, MO 106.5
KMXV-FM Kansas City, MO 93.3
WKRQ-FM Cincinnati 101.9
WMYX-FM Milwaukee, WI 99.1
WXSS-FM Milwaukee, WI 103.7
KUDD-FM Salt Lake City, UT 107.9
KYCS-FM Salt Lake City, UT 95.1
WFBC-FM Greenville, SC 93.7
WBEI-FM Tuscaloosa, AL 101.7
WHKF-FM Harrisburg, PA 99.3
WNVZ-FM Norfolk, VA 104.5
WPTE-FM Norfolk, VA 94.9
WMC-FM Memphis, TN 99.7
KKOB-FM Albuquerque, NM 93.3
KKWD-FM Oklahoma City, OK 104.9
KLVF-FM Albuquerque, NM 100.7
WPAW-FM Greensboro, NC 93.1
WKSE-FM Buffalo, NY 98.5
WKZA-FM Buffalo, NY 106.9
WTSS-FM Buffalo, NY 102.5
WFHN-FM Providence, RI 107.1
KAMX-FM Austin, TX 94.7
WGGI-FM Wilkes Barre, PA 95.9
WGGY-FM Wilkes Barre, PA 101.3
WKRF-FM Wilkes Barre, PA 107.9
WKRZ-FM Wilkes Barre, PA 98.5
WEZB-FM New Orleans, LA 97.1
WKKF-FM Albany, NY 102.3
KLAL-FM Little Rock, AR 107.7
WABB-FM Mobile, AL 97.5
WWST-FM Knoxville, TN 102.1
WHAN-AM Richmond, VA 1430
WKEE-FM Huntington, WV 100.5
WXKB-FM Ft. Myers, FL 103.9
WAEB-FM Allentown-Bethlehem 104.1
WGLQ-FM Green Bay, WI 97.1
WXXS-FM Portland, ME 102.3
KLER-FM Spokane, WA 95.3
WSTW-FM Wilmington, DE 93.7
WNYR-FM Rochester, NY 98.5
WPXY-FM Rochester, NY 97.9
WCIL-FM Marion-Carbondale, IL 101.5
KAHR-FM Paducah, KY 96.7
WCXT-FM South Bend, IN 98.3
WGXL-FM Burlington, VT 92.3
WJHT-FM Johnstown, PA 92.1
WWOT-FM Johnstown, PA 100.1
WSSX-FM Charleston, SC 95.1
WWXM-FM Myrtle Beach, SC 97.7
KQKY-FM Lincoln, NE 105.9
WJDF-FM Springfield, MA 97.3
KKLS-FM Sioux Falls, SD 104.7
WCFX-FM Flint, MI 95.3
WHHD-FM Augusta, GA 98.3
KSMB-FM Lafayette, LA 94.5
KUJ-FM Yakima, WA 99.1
WGER-FM Saginaw, MI 106.3
WBOW-FM Terre Haute, IN 102.7
KJCK-FM Topeka, KS 97.5
KGBR-FM Medford, OR 92.7
WRTS-FM Erie, PA 103.7
KZII-FM Lubbock, TX 102.5
WNUQ-FM Albany, GA 101.7
WCIR-FM Beckley, WV 103.7
WWYL-FM Binghamton, NY 104.1
WXYK-FM Biloxi, MS 107.1
WYKS-FM Gainesville, FL 105.3
WSKS-FM Utica, NY 97.9
WSKU-FM Utica, NY 105.5
WKPQ-FM Elmira, NY 105.3
KQID-FM Alexandria, LA 93.1
KMXY-FM Grand Junction, CO 104.3
KOTM-FM Ottumwa, IA 97.7
KWPK-FM Bend, OR 104.1
KZDX-FM Twin Falls, ID 99.9
KOKU-FM Guam, UST 100.1
WAJK-FM La Salle, IL 99.3