The InFOCUS Podcast: Steve Newberry


Visualization of radio is one of the top topics being discussed by broadcast technology leaders and those in the C-Suites of radio broadcasting companies across the U.S.

With the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show scheduled to begin next week in Las Vegas, consumers are demanding a richer consumer experience. Seeing the album art, or the name of the artists, or even seeing weather information or that of an advertiser is more important than ever for Radio, and that’s a subject Steve Newberry, CEO of Quu Inc., believes will be at the heart of his conversations at the annual CES affair.

Xperi Corp.’s DTS AutoStage is one of the things that excites Newberry. Then, there are the other tech products and advancements he’s looking forward to learning about for the very first time while exploring all that CES has to offer.

Newberry chats about CES 2023 and what Radio has to gain from the technology expo and conference in this InFOCUS Podcast, presented by dot.FM. He also offers listeners the details on how to score VIP entry into a special radio industry executive cocktail reception scheduled for January 5 at the Bellagio. logoListen to “The InFOCUS Podcast: Steve Newberry” on Spreaker.