The Breeze off air for financial reasons


The Lincoln, NB Journal Star reports AC The Breeze (KRKR 95.1 FM) remained off the air since Wednesday with no set timetable for its return. The station, owned by Chapin Enterprises and run by Three Eagles Communications, was shut down 5/21 for “financial reasons,” according to Richard Chapin of Chapin Enterprises. “Hopefully, it’ll be back on the air in a couple of weeks,” he told the paper.

Chapin Enterprises took over the station as an intermediary when Lincoln-based Three Eagles bought four Clear Channel stations in 12/06. The deal gave Three Eagles eight stations in the Lincoln market — two more than allowed by the FCC. Three Eagles is required to sell two. Chapin sold one of them, 102.7 FM to Spirit Catholic Radio in 2007, and has been trying to sell 95.1, said the story.