Texas CP headed to small regional owner


An FM-to-be coming to Brackettville TX, not far from the Rio Grande and Mexico, is not going to have any contour overlap or local ownership cap considerations. But it will be in the general area of a pair of communities served by buyer MBM Radio.

The seller is Greg Shapiro’s RF Services Inc.

MBM Radio Brackettville LLC is the full licensee name being used by Roberto Gonzalez to acquire the station. Although Brackettville is nowhere near any Arbitron-rated territory, the stick-in-the-making is pulling down a $275K price tag, cash.

It is licensed to become a Class C3 on 94.7 MHz with 25 kW @ 328’.

MBM has a pair of FMs to the south of Brackettville in Eagle Pass TX, and an AM-FM combo to the east in Uvalde TX.

The small group of MBM-owned stations and the recency of RF’s acquisition of the CP via the FCC bidding process mean that the bidding credit enjoyed by Shapiro must be returned to the FCC. Shapiro has pledged to do that as a condition of closing.