Tennis Channel partners with Google TV Ads


Tennis Channel will provide a portion of its ad inventory to Google TV Ads’ system, effective immediately. The arrangement makes the network the first single-sport channel inventory partner of the three-year-old online-based television platform.

Tennis Channel will have the opportunity to develop new biz through Google TV Ads’ client base and take part in the system’s unique auction setup. Google’s system makes the ad inventory across more than 98 networks available to buyers who are able to build national TV campaigns and track highly targeted ads right from their computers. Additionally, Google TV Ads offers second-by-second measurement and data, which Tennis Channel will apply to its ad sales efforts.

Advertisers can use Google TV Ads to select networks, dayparts and/or specific programs that reach the audiences they desire. After their commercials are uploaded into the system, they can set their CPM bids and daily budget, and air ads within 24 hours. Through the auction-based pricing system media buyers only have to pay for impressions that are delivered to their commercials.

Tennis Channel Google TV Ad partners that include Bloomberg Television, CBS College Sports, Hallmark Channel, History International and GSN, among others.