Telestream Unveils Post-Origin Content Monitoring Capabilities


File-based media workflow orchestration, media streaming and delivery technologies firm Telestream has unveiled new post-origin content monitoring capabilities for ABR streaming media within its iQ ABR monitoring solutions.

Managing the customer experience and capitalizing on advertisement revenue are key drivers for the rollout.

“These latest additions to the Telestream iQ ABR monitoring solution provide essential
insights that enable content owners, broadcasters, and service providers to manage these
critical issues that can make or break their streaming service,” Telestream says.

“Our latest OTT monitoring advancements give content owners and service providers deeper visibility into video and audio quality,” said Matthew Driscoll, Director of Product Management at Telestream. “With media analysis monitoring, you can be assured
that the OTT service is streaming smoothly, the video looks great and audio levels are hitting the mark.”

He adds that iQ Solutions enhance visibility of ad avails from ingest to post-origin with consolidated SCTE-35 reporting that identifies when ad opportunities are accurately delivered in the streaming domain.

“OTT content preparation and distribution is a complex endeavor,” Driscoll said. “Telestream’s iQ solutions maximize service performance visibility for any organization that is part of the streaming video chain. Our portfolio of purpose-built probes and management systems for data correlation are designed to take away the guesswork and focus teams on solving real problems.”