Study: Workers Don’t Want to Be Fully Remote


In an age where people in broadcast media, depending on their roles, can work from anywhere there is an internet connection, Resume Builder has uncovered an intriguing desire among those in the overall workforce: they want a hybrid work environment, at the very least.

Since 2020, remote and hybrid work has opened up new opportunities for employees, creating a narrative that workers prefer flexibility of remote work over going into the office. However, Resume Builder finds this might not necessarily be true.

In April 2024, it conducted an online survey of 1,250 full-time workers to examine their true preferences for in-person, hybrid, or fully remote work.

Among the key findings:

  • 7 in 10 employees don’t want to be fully remote; 40% want to be fully in-person, and 32% prefer hybrid work
  • Of those who want hybrid work, plurality want 3 days in-office
  • Communication, collaboration are top reasons why employees want in-person work

“Despite the remote work trend, employees continue to value in-person interaction in the workplace,” Resume Builder notes.

This could play a significant role in a radio station’s “at work” appeal, given where workers may be during office hours and how long they spend getting to and from where they work.

Of those surveyed, 40% report that they prefer fully in-person work, 32% would rather be hybrid, and 28% prefer fully remote options.

To view the report in full, CLICK HERE.

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