Stan Elgart comments


Both Tom Sheldon and Stan Campbell have interesting but opposite views on the future of radio.

Both have merit but show a lack of knowledge about the other’s purpose.

Having been in radio sales in a major market for over 20 years, as well as national, I understand the marketplace and the need to find a way to make a client: believe in your radio product in spite of ratings, create a plan for him to succeed and nurture that into larger success.

It is also clear that programming can be the strongest or weakest link in a station and many program directors have little more than their own theory to go on. It seems to be a random thing to latch onto a new format. Yes, that is an over-simplification, but when you see how many stations sound alike and many fail to achieve ratings success, corporate is quick to change it.

There are strong arguments in both cases and they have to work in tandem for ultimate listener appeal and revenue success.

How many times has programming consulted with sales on the best balance of format and revenue?

Stan Elgart


Felsgart Media Services, LLC