SoundExchange reports Q4 distributions


The organization formed to get internet and cable music royalties out to musicians, SoundExchange, reported that it made more than 18,000 disbursements in Q4 2011 totaling $89.5M, and brought its total 2011 distribution level to $292M.

The total 2011 payment represents a 17% gain over the amount distributed in 2010, and it brings the total disbursed since the organization began to more than $900M.

The organization explained, “The royalties are paid by Internet radio, satellite radio and cable TV music-only channels for their use of sound recordings, and are distributed by SoundExchange to recording artists, record labels, and a non-featured artist fund.  The organization’s ever increasing royalty payments are proof positive that digital performances continue to grow at a rapid clip.”

President Michael Huppe commented, “Our growth is encouraging news for the industry, and for the performers who put their heart and soul into the music we enjoy every day. This past year, we’ve taken stock of our strengths, and the challenges and opportunities ahead, and have looked for even more ways to improve how we serve the music community. We’re optimistic about the industry’s future, and about the tremendous value SoundExchange promises to deliver in the years to come.”

It is continuing to explore numerous avenues in order to establish contact with potential rights holders who could be in line for a payment.

RBR-TVBR observation: SoundExchange had come up in the radio performance royalty debate as an example of dysfunction in the distribution system due to the organization’s difficulty tracking down many of the musicians who had a check coming. We have to say, it has been working hard to remove itself from the debate.