Sonos Sounds Now Include iHeart Streams


It’s now easier than ever to listen to iHeartRadio on Sonos speakers.

Users of the iHeartRadio App can now connect to and stream their favorite live stations and music onto their Sonos speakers from within the iHeartRadio app, without having to open the Sonos companion app.

It’s simple to connect. One simply needs to verify that they are on the same WiFi network as a Sonos speaker. Then, a tap “Available Connections” at the bottom of the iHeartRadio player screen is necessary to easily stream to the Sonos speaker of choice.

Users aren’t required to link their iHeartRadio account inside the Sonos companion app to enjoy live radio, custom radio, podcasts and playlist radio. However, premium users that do link their accounts get access to even more content, including their personal playlists, curated playlists, albums, as well as songs, artists and albums from “My Library.”

Both free users and subscribers can access Direct Control on the iHeart app to listen to their favorite radio stations, artists, podcasts, and playlists. The update also enables users to adjust the volume on Sonos devices in different rooms and seamlessly transition music from headphones to any Sonos speaker.

Direct Control also makes it easy for guests to play their favorite music on a friend’s Sonos speakers using their iHeartRadio app.