Sold Washington FM has its eye on Oregon


$132,850 KRKZ-FM Chinook WA from Alexandra Communications Inc. (Thomas D. Hodgins) to Meadows Broadcasting LLC (Stephanie L. Meadows, Robert L. Meadows, Christopher J. Meadows, George Feola). $7K upon commencement of LMA, $40K cash at closing, $85,850 note. Station has CP to move to Netarts OR. [FCC file date 7/18/13]

N/A WLTE-FM Pendleton SC. 66.67% of Georgia-Carolina Wireless LLCĀ  from Megan Lightfoot (100% to 33.3%) to Douglas M. Sutton (0% to 33.34%) and M. Terry Carter (0% to 33.33%). Unspecified debt assumption. [FCC file date 7/17/13]