SiriusXM looking for one qualified entity


Sirius XMAs part of its effort to gain regulatory approval for the merger of Sirius and XM into what is now SiriusXM, the surviving entity promised to lease a channel to an independent programmer to add diversity to its lineup. The time to apply is now.

The merger took place in 2008.

The deadline for entries is 3/2/15.

The winning company can have no ownership or common employee link with SiriusXM of any kind, and may not have had a programming agreement with the satcaster for the two years prior to 10/19/10.

The service laid out the parameters of what it is seeking in a lessee:

“SiriusXM is looking for the following in making its selection for this set-aside:  Programming representing diverse viewpoints and/or diverse entertainment content; improved service to historically underserved audiences; original content of a type not otherwise available to SiriusXM subscribers; and access to new sources of content and new entrants to mass media.  Applications should demonstrate that the proposer has the financial, operational, and technical ability to perform its obligations under the lease.  SiriusXM will select a programmer that, in its judgment, will be able to meet its obligations and deliver its proposed mix or type of programming for the duration of the lease term.
The satellite channel will be available only on SiriusXM satellite radios designed to receive the Sirius satellite network, online at and via the SiriusXM Internet Radio App for smartphones and other connected devices.”


  1. Having Independent Programmers? Like Programming that could never get off the ground in the commercial world? Like programming that no one would want to listen to? Boring and no audience type programs take care of themselves in the real world by getting cancelled. This is a Dog & Pony show that Sirius had to agree to get their long delayed merger approved. What a shame that business has to play these games with our Government which is out of control.

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