Shutdown benefits noncoms pondering LPFM


TowersThe window to apply for LPFM licenses was supposed to open 10/15/13, but that has been prevented by the government shutdown. This is actually working to the advantage of a few organizations channeling Hamlet by saying “to apply or not to apply, that is the question.”

Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority of Seattle has been one of those organizations, and is using the extra time to come to a final decision.

According to Brown Paper Tickets, an organization working to help licensees apply for a station, there are 15 non-profits and educational institutions in the Puget Sound area that are contemplating a station. The time to strike is immediately, of course – the window was scheduled to be open for about two weeks, and it is unlikely that a window for LPFMs will ever open again in America’s larger media markets.

According to Brown Paper Tickets’ Sabrina Roach, the organization is doing more than just providing advice and guidance – it has unearthed about $9M in available public financing for LPFM applicants in the Seattle area.

It is expected that there will be openings for from five to eight new LPFMs in the Seattle metro, more in America’s large cities and of course thousands of opportunities to build LPFM stations in rural areas.


  1. When they realize that they have to pay for tower rent Monthly and everything it takes to run these very limited and reused frequencies without commercials, they should keep on pondering……!

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