SCBA issues paper on consumer response to radio spots


scbaThe Southern California Broadcasters Association has published its latest white paper, “Consumer Response to Broadcast Radio Commercials vs. Digital and Social Media.” The report provides in-depth analysis on subjects having a direct impact on Southern California Radio. This report is focused on new SCBA-commissioned research that compares the strong recall and attention by consumers to Radio commercials and then compares that data to digital platforms.

The full report is available at under SCBA White Paper Reports.

“The consumer clearly recalls and pays attention to Radio commercials much more than to any digital, search engine, or social media ads,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan. “This new research survey showcases Radio’s favorable commercial environment and effectiveness in a way that will surprise and delight both advertisers and the Radio industry,” said Callahan.

The SCBA White Paper Research Report provides consumer recall and attention data that showcases why more Adults 18+ recalled noticing an advertiser when listening to Radio than while using a social network or search engine. The SCBA report also showcases Radio’s strong recall and attention to commercials from both the Millennial and Gen X age groups and how non-Radio digital platforms performed poorly from a consumer recall and overall attention basis.

The rush to non-Radio digital platforms by Radio clients is being done without the benefit of this research. The SCBA’s goal is to change minds and hearts about Radio’s place in advertising today and provide even more proof that the commercial environment of Radio is clearly superior to that of non-Radio digital platforms such as search engines, mobile ads, and social media. The SCBA White paper also makes reference to another study stating that 61% of online viewership is to non-human traffic to many digital sites and that 48% non-human traffic to video ads is recorded on non-content web sites. Read “A Responsibility to the Truth” at under “thought Leaders” for more on fraudulent web sites and mobile apps and the study cited.

“The comparison of consumer recall and attention to Radio commercials vs. digital ads could not be any clearer,” said Callahan. “We are urging every advertiser to look at this compelling data to not only improve the effectiveness of their advertising but to gain a new appreciation and recognition of Radio’s enduring and measureable strength.”