Salem enjoys healthy Q4 2012


Salem Communications
According to religious radio/internet specialist Salem Communications, its space in the business world as a whole enjoyed a 4.3% revenue gain during the final quarter of 2012, but it was able to beat that by almost two percentage points. It also noted closings on news stations in Ohio and South Carolina during the current month.

Revenue was up 6.1% to $60.6M. It also increased its internet income by 25.4%, and increased its presence there with the acquisition of in October 2012. Salem said internet revenue now makes up 17% of its total intake.

WTOH-FM Columbus OH and WGTK-FM Greenville SC are now officially part of the Salem portfolio.

Operating income was down 6% to $10.2M. The story was different for net income: in Q4 2011 was only $400K, so the $2.0M the company brought in this year amounted to an increase of 350.4%. EBITDA was up 5% to $13.9M.

Broadcast revenue was up 2.5% to $47M, and 2.2% to $46.7M if calculated on a same-station basis. The company’s publishingassets enjoyed an increase of 8.6% to $3.4M.

Salem’s radio footprint now encompasses 37 markets, served by 95 stations. 59 of the stations are in top 25 markets.