Roger Ailes congratulates Fox News Radio affiliates for five years


Roger Ailes, Chairman/CEO, FOX News Channel, sent a message to Fox News Radio affiliates on 5/28 congratulating them on five years of service:

“Stations — On Tuesday, June 1st, Fox News Radio’s network news service turns 5 years old. Much has happened during those years.
When we launched our 5-minute news service, the lead story was the unmasking of the FBI’s Mark Felt as the Watergate scandal’s Deep Throat. There was a bombing in Afghanistan in that newscast, as well as an update in the Michael Jackson trial. It now seems like ancient history. We started with about 50 stations taking that initial broadcast.
Today, almost 44,000 hourly newscasts later, we’re looking at a massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, the country trying to climb out of an economic plunge, and U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan while trying to gracefully finish the job in Iraq. And when Dave Anthony anchors Fox News Radio’s 5th anniversary newscast at 9am ET, he will be going out to more than 500 affiliates.
We want to take this moment to say “thank you.” Many of the changes we have made were suggested by our affiliates. And all the series, specials, features, live anchored coverage we do are specifically designed for your air.  Your comments and criticism have helped to make us what we are today – a vibrant radio news network with a unique sound and a loyal audience.

Looking backward is a luxury. It’s more fun to look forward, as we continue to grow.  We are growing our service in many areas, including online, to respond to your needs. We’re adding more features and specials. All of it with a strong tie-in to the Fox News brand. 
Thank you all for your support during our first 5 years. Stick around for the next 5 – it’s a pretty good bet that the best is yet to come.
– Roger Ailes
  Chairman, CEO, FOX News Channel”