RNC maps route to the White House in 2012


Spending gets a shot in the arm during even years, thanks to the fact that they include the vast bulk of election activity. And every four years, the stakes are even higher, as vast sums of money are spent in pursuit of a chance to reside in the big white mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. RNC is charting a state-by-state route with that destination as its goal.

President Barack Obama won the election in 2008 by a healthy margin, and his victory included wins in states that hadn’t voted for a Democrat in some time.

However, the continued slow pace of the economic recovery has taken its toll on Obama’s approval ratings, and the RNC believes it knows just where to start in mapping a victory the next time the Electoral College meets to officially endorse the results of a presidential election.

The plan will not require a degree in rocket science. According to Washington Post’s The Fix, RNC will simply plan on making a strong effort in nine states that went for George W. Bush in 2004 but flipped to the Democratic side in support of Obama in 2008.

Those states include:

* Colorado
* Florida
* Indiana
* Iowa
* Nevada
* New Mexico
* North Carolina
* Ohio
* Virginia

According to the report, Obama won 365 electoral votes in 2008. If the GOP can run the table listed above, it would knock his total down to 253. It takes 270 votes to win.

RBR-TVBR observation: Some states just aren’t contested in a presidential election – Utah usually isn’t worth a lot of Democratic investment, and Massachusetts usually isn’t worth a lot of Republican investment. Other states are only nominally contested. States that are hotly contested are where the money will flow, with broadcasters among the primary beneficiaries.

And if they’re really lucky they will be primary beneficiaries during the primaries as well as during the general election.