Ringing in a New Platform Strategy


streamingAs has been widely reported, Art Bell is coming back, and although his Dark Matter Digital Network is accepting over the air affiliates, that medium is not seen as the primary venue for Bell’s program.

Rather, it is seen as a streamed program first and broadcast second.

Stream Guys is on hand to provide content delivery network (CDN) and live streaming services for its programming, including dynamic ad insertion.

The program, called “Midnight in the Desert,” has picked up no less than 22 terrestrial stations, but Dark Matter’s Keith Rowland sees the primary momentum coming from the digital side.

“Increasingly, broadcasters who leave the corporate market recognize independent internet streaming as the next logical step,” said Rowland. “Even when Art Bell was on terrestrial and later satellite radio, more listeners were switching to a concurrent internet stream with each passing week. This was the next natural step for Art, and it’s exactly where we want to be as Dark Matter Digital Network.”