Retail sales disappoint Wall Street – 2/14/12


Yes, US retail sales were up in January, but not as much as Wall Street had been expecting, so stock prices fell on Tuesday. But after being down much of the session, stock prices closed mixed. The Dow Jones Industrial Average edged up four points to 12,878. The Nasdaq Composite was also up, but the S&P 500 down. Broadcasting stocks, which are closely tied to retail sales, were lower.

The RBR Radio Index was down 2.643, or 0.7%, to 361.362.

The TVBR Television Index was down 2.359, or 0.9%, to 266.398.

Arbitron, up 5.1%
LIN, up 1.4%
Gray, up 0.9%

Entravision, down 3.9%
SBS, down 3.2%
Cumulus, down 2.6%