Redstone Skipping Miami Viacom Meeting


Sumner RedstoneViacom shareholders will meet Monday 3/16/15 in what is expected to be a sparsely attended session aimed mostly at electing board members. Widespread shareholder absences is not unexpected; Sumner Redstone’s planned absence is something else again.

Hollywood Reporter noted that few could remember a shareholder meeting in which Redstone was not in attendance.

HR mentioned mobility issues as being a possible factor. Others are speculating on the soon-to-be 92-year-old exec’s health.

It has been noted that his statements during quarterly conference calls are getting briefer, and it is true that he skipped them entirely during the most recent round.

A spokesperson for Viacom/CBS said that he was doing very well and did not elaborate further.

Meanwhile, both Phillippe Dauman of Viacom and Les Moonves of CBS have said there are no plans whatsoever to bring the two corporations back into a co-owned situation.