Rdio goes free on the web


Rdio, Inc.As of 1/16, Cumulus-invested Rdio is now free in the US on the web, says an Rdio blog. The move follows an announcement last month that Spotify is planning its own free, ad-supported version of its streaming music service on mobile devices after previously charging users pay a monthly fee. The free version of Spotify was previously available only on desktop and laptop computers.

From the Rdio blog: “That means you can listen to 20 million songs plus all the albums, playlists, and stations you love anywhere there’s a computer. Absolutely free. As part of this update, we’ve added in-stream messaging to Rdio on the web. These new ads are short and sweet. Free listeners will hear a mix of new feature announcements, messages from partner brands, notifications about exclusive content, and other helpful tips.

Our ad-free option, Rdio Unlimited, will still be available for $9.99 a month for mobile and web access. If you’re already an Rdio Unlimited subscriber, your listening experience will stay exactly the same.

And don’t forget that Stations are always free on your phone. So now you can hear music you love, whether you’re walking around town or listening through your computer, without paying a thing.

To celebrate our new found freedom, we figured there is no better mode of expression than music. Turn up these songs and let freedom reign.”