‘Radio’s Digital Transformation’ Gets Marketron Webinar


A free, six-webinar series designed to empower radio stations to grow their digital revenue is set to begin on July 15.

The webinar series accompanies the release of an e-book from Marketron offering a step-by-step action plan for broadcasters looking to grow their digital operations.

The publication is titled “Digital Transformation Playbook: A Play-by-Play Guide for Broadcasters to Grow Digital Advertising Revenue,” and each webinar in the Radio’s Digital Transformation series is scheduled for noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific and lasts one hour.

Dates and topics are as follows:

• July 15 – “Develop a Vision and Prepare for Change”
• Aug. 6 – “Designing Your Digital Product Suite”
• Aug. 26 – “The Importance of Workflow and Processes”
• Sept. 16 – “Creating Your Digital Organizational Structure”
• Oct. 7 – “Launch Your Digital Game Plan”
• Oct. 28 – “Tracking Performance and Removing Roadblocks”


“In terms of sheer product value, radio has always been hard to beat as an advertising medium,” said Marketron CEO Jim Howard. “Radio has historically been one of the most cost-effective channels out there, offering outstanding geographical reach in a single tactic. But now, more and more broadcasters are recognizing the potential of digital advertising to drive future growth.”

Howard believes the e-book and webinars offer an action plan for broadcasters to target and maximize digital opportunities and address “the significant challenge they will face as they begin to monetize digital inventory.”

Registration for the Radio’s Digital Transformation webinar series is available at http://marketron.com/radios-digital-transformation-series/.


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