Radio stunt pays off in widespread publicity


Rogers Radio’s CISS-FM (Kiss-FM) Ottawa, Ontario got lots of publicity across Canada last week – and even in other countries – for banning Carrie Underwood from airplay. Apparently the gullible outlets reporting the story never checked to see what the station played in the first place.

The announcement of the Underwood ban followed the country superstar’s marriage to hockey star Mike Fisher and his subsequent trade from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators, allowing the couple to set up housekeeping in Tennessee.

“As Ottawa residents, we feel this is a betrayal to our community. We know Mike Fisher is not to blame for this trade but feel he was lured away from Ottawa by a country music superstar,” said Kiss-FM in announcing the ban. “Sure, she’s pretty. Yes, she can sing. But can she play hockey? Can she put one top shelf with a slap shot? No!”

Not that the CHR station ever played Underwood or any other Country artist in the first place. Even so, the station has now lifted its “ban” and extended best wishes to “Ottawa’s first couple.”

But let this be a warning to Lady Gaga to steer clear of romancing any Canadian hockey players.