Radio stations sold in Oregon, California


$74 KSWB-AM Seaside OR from KSWB Licensee LLC (Cal Brady/Calcomm Stations Oregon 51%, John Chapman 49%) to KSWB Productions LLC (John Chapman). $5K deposit, $30K cash at closing, $39K note. LMA 5/1/12. Seller retains KQCB-FM Cannon Beach OR. [FCC file date 7/30/12]

$65K KRBN-FM Redding CA (Burney CA) from S&S Venegas LLC (Sara Venegas) to JAB Broadcasting LLC (Sara Venegas, Elizabeth Plascencia). Debt forgiveness. Station holds CP for Class A on 94.3 MHz in Manton CA with 2.1 kW @ 1,119’ which will move it into the Redding market. [FCC file date 7/30/12]