Radio CPs moving between non-profits


Six CPs, five for AMs and one for an FM, and all in small unrated western areas, are set to move from one noncommercial entity to another. Both are small non-profits and they are banking on the FCC’s offer to extend CPs when the acquiring company is an eligible entity.

Selling is Better Life Ministries, headed by Claud M. Pettit, and buying is Home Town Radio, headed by Timothy and Virginia Cutforth. The buyers will only have to come up with one single rectangular engraving of George Washington to seal the deal. We presume they’ll use cash.

Here are the specs for the stations. We’ll start with two will have overlapping contours:

* KOAH-AM CP Comstock TX, a Class C on 1450 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND

It’s partner is:

* KHTW-AM CP Langtry TX, a Class C on 1400 kHz with 1 kw-U, ND

The other four are standalones:

* KHUA-AM CP Presidio TX, a Class C on 1230 kHz with 800 w-D, 710 w-N, ND

* KEHT-AM CP Eads CO, a Class C on 1450 kHz with 250 w-U, ND

* KYHR-AM CP Richfield UT, a Class C on 1490 with 1 kw-U, ND

* FM CP Wray CO, a Class A on 88.1 MHz with 100 w @ -125’

RBR/TVBR observation: It can now truly be said of non-coms that they walk among us – they are no longer confined to the extreme left of the FM dial, and can now show up anywhere on either dial. Another sign of the times.