Radio companies partner up in Pacific Northwest


Jodesha Broadcasting and Sunnylands Broadcasting are getting together to form a cluster in an unrated coastal portion of Washington not far from the Oregon border. One company is chipping in an up-and-running FM, and the other an application for an FM CP along with an undetermined amount of cash.

The new company will be called JOSH Broadcasting.

Jodesha, headed by William J. and Susan W. Wolfenbarger are bringing KANY-FM to the game. It’s a Class C3 licensed to Montesano WA on 93.5 MHz with 14 kW @ 400’. However, it is about to bulk up with a CP to go to Class C0 with 33 kW @ 2,221’.

Among Sunnylands’ principals are David Hartman, and principals of 37th Avenue Group including Gregory J. Smith, Carol Smith and others. It has a CP application for a new FM that if approved will be licensed to Oakville WA as a Class C3 on 98.5 MHz with 410 W @ 2,254’. It will also contribute up to $500K in cash.

The principals have several other stations in the area. Gregory Smith has an interest in KOMO-FN Oakville WA, and Jodesha has an interest in KSWW-FM Alma WA (with a CP to move to Ocean Acres), KJET-FM Raymond WA and KBKW-AM Aberdeen WA.