Radio and TV stocks take different trajectories


It’s this simple: During Tuesday 8/26/14 trading radio stocks improved and television stocks shrunk. The worst radio stock was flat, as was the best television stock – and if not for these few flatliners, each broadcast service could pretty much confined itself to only one inkwell to record its results. Emmis was the broadcast leader with a 2.8% gain.

The RBR Radio Index rose 7.295, or 0.9%, to 799.659.

The TVBR Television Index fell 12.782, or 1.6%, to 810.241.

Emmis, up 2.80%
Radio One, up 2.1%
SBS, up 1.9%

Gray, down 4.3%
LIN TV, down 2.5%
Entravision, down -1.5%