Prolific station-buying noncom spins one off


Educational Media Foundation has been one of the most voracious buyers of radio stations for years now, but every once in awhile it decides to sell one of its properties. It recently sold a station in Texas to a commercial operator, and now its spinning a New Hampshire FM CP to another for-profit buyer.

The station is WUKV-FM CP in Colebrook NH. The community of Colebrook is in the northwest portion of the state across the Connecticut River from Vermont and not far from the Canadian border. It is nowhere near any Arbitron-rated territory.

The buyer is White Mountains Broadcasting LLC, headed by Barry Lunderville. The price is a modest $7K cash. The acquisition will amount to a territorial expansion – it owns stations, but they are all well to the south of Colebrook.

The station, once built, will be a Class A on 97.1 MHz with 1.8 kW with an HAAT that is in the negative zone at -138’.

EMF’s most recent prior sale sent KGCE-FM Post TX, a community not too far from Lubbock, to the father-daughter team of James G. Boles and Cathy J. Whitten for $200K.

EMF is known for its contemporary Christian programming, exemplified by its K-LOVE Network. It is non-commercial but has never limited its acquisitions to the commercial band.

At a time when many other stations in the unreserved portion of the FM dial to the north of 92 MHz are going the noncom route, the two recent EMF deals buck the trend by sending noncoms in the other direction.