Political category alive and well in Arizona


A California-based interest group is going out of state for a multimedia ad buy on a topic near and dear to its heart. Californians for Population Stabilization are spending in Phoenix to attack Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) on his immigration policy stance.

The organization believes McCain has gone back to supporting amnesty for a number of immigrants currently in the USA illegally as he did in 2007, prior to abandoning or modifying his position as a political expedient as he was getting ready for his ill-fated run for president.

Radio, television and online advertising will be spent in an effort to get the citizens of Arizona to flood McCain with phone calls expressing their opposition to his stand on this issue.

“John McCain cares more about satiating the cheap labor business interests that back his re-election campaigns than he does about the people of Arizona’s objections to his amnesty for illegal aliens,” commented Jo Wideman , Executive Director of CAPS.  “Worse, Senator McCain has obviously calculated that he can get away with ramming this amnesty down Arizonans’ throats in a year when he’s not up for re-election.  But like 2007, the Senator’s errant amnesty calculation will likely add up to another defeat.”

CAPS says it is going to run similar campaigns elsewhere but as yet has not announced its plans in this regard.

RBR-TVBR observation: Despite the obvious roller-coaster effect tied to the political category, it never completely goes away, even in places that do not benefit from off-year elections. The issue and advocacy types of political ad flights can be mounted at any time – and it might be a good idea to actively court such business, to underscore the value of your particular station with election spending is hot and heavy.