Phase uno: 1M applications


Hispanic broadcasters Univision and Entravision have been active participants in a major effort to add Hispanic immigrants first to the rolls of naturalized US citizens, and then onto the voter registration lists. Along with the Nation Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO), the consortium says it has inspired over 1M immigrants to seek citizenship, and now its hitting the airwaves to move them into the electoral process.

"Univision is deeply committed to leveraging its media assets to reach and mobilize U.S. Hispanics," said Univision 2EVP/Chief Strategy Officer Cesar Conde. "We are proud of the tremendous results of the campaign thus far and will continue to educate, inform and empower Hispanics to increase their participation in the electoral process."

RBR/TVBR observation: This effort could resonate strongly at the ballot box in states such as Florida, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, as well as in parts of California and Texas. And it could also induce the sound of ringing bells, the kind attached to cash registers, at Hispanic media outlets in all such areas. Univision and Entravision can point to the effort as a demonstration of their commitment to serving the public interest of their constituency, and at the same time enjoy seeing the benefits of that very same effort in the bottom line.