Pamal spins off a Massachusetts AM


An AM standalone serving a portion of Massachusetts to the north of Springfield had been sold.

Class D WPNI-AM 1430 in Amherst, Mass., has been sold to The Love Radio Church Inc., a noncommercial religious outfit.

Pamal Broadcasting is headed by James Morrell, The station is licensed to Pamal subsidiary 6 Johnson Road Licenses.

The buyer is headed by Christopher Gorman.

The price will be $100K, comprised of a $10K escrow deposit, $25K cash at closing and a promissory note for the rest.

The station is a Class D licensed to Amherst MA. It has 5 kW-D and a scant 11 W-N, DA2. During the day it blankets Springfield with its secondary contour but does not hit it with its main force. At night, it is strictly an Amherst station.