Paired LA-area Hip-Hop outlets sold


SoldKDAY-FM brings Urban content to much of the Los Angeles area, and KDEY-FM carries it into the Riverside-San Bernardino area to the east. Both do so on 93.5 MHz, and soon they’ll be broadcasting under the auspices of a new owner.

The stations are both Class A outlets. KDAY is licensed to the coastal Pacific community of Redondo Beach and uses 4.2 kW @ 384’.

KDEY is licensed to Ontario, and has 5 kW @ -131’.

The seller is Magic Broadcasting, LLC.

The buyer, RBC Communications, Inc., will pay $19.5M for the properties, according to Media Venture Partners broker Elliot Evers, who was working on behalf of the seller. Joining MVP in this task was Jorgenson Broadcast Brokerage.

RBR-TVBR observation: The stations are a technologically challenging attempt to bring more coverage to the greater Los Angeles mega-market than would be possible with a single Class A station. As best we know, translating the concept into a strong appearance in the local Arbitron ratings has proven to be an elusive goal.


  1. Isn’t China supposed to be prevented from owning US broadcast stations? Isn’t there an FCC rule about that?

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