Oregon pirate shuttered


An unlicensed FM station was chased off the air in Stayton OR after its owner and operator used it to broadcast his own wedding. Unfortunately, word of the wedding, which was also available to the audience of the station’s website, is what attracted FCC attention to the operation.

Known as KENC after its owner, Ken Cartwright, it operated as a noncommercial community service, according to a report in The Oregonian. Cartwright operated it in conjunction with a repair shop for stringed instruments.

When he decided to broadcast his own wedding service, word made it to an FCC agent in Vancouver WA, who determined that the station was unlicensed, over-powered and needed to shut down or face a $10K fine and confiscation of its broadcast equipment. Cartwright has indicated that he will comply, even if he is not happy about it.

An unlicensed FM station is said to be limited to a range of 98 feet and must comply with other limitations to keep the range of its signal at bay.