Oregon FM headed for new owner


KORV-FM serves an unrated portion of Oregon well to the east of the Pacific Ocean and just a little bit north of the state’s border with California. The station is subject of transactional documents recently filed with the FCC.

The seller is Crystal Clear Broadcasting Company Inc., headed by Tommie S. Dodd.

The buyer is Lake County Radio LLC, headed by Leighton M. Reed-Nickerson and Joan M. Reed-Nickerson. They have no other broadcast interests.

The payment structure of the deal is heavily back-loaded via the use of seller paper. Lake County will put $1.5K into escrow and will strike a promissory note for $148.5K, amounting to a total deal value of $150K. A TBA kicked off 1/29/12.

KORV, formerly KWTR, is a Class C3 on 93.5 MHz with 1 kW @ 951’. It’s licensed to Lakeview OR.