Oregon AM CP headed to the commercial world


SoldThe trend in station trading since Y2K has been the movement of commercial-band radio stations into the noncommercial world. But here is an example of an AM CP earmarked for Merrill OR that’s moving the other way.

The station will be a Class C on 1240 kHz with 1 kW-U, ND.

Selling is IHR Educational Broadcasting, a California-based Catholic organization headed by Douglas M. Sherman.

Buying the CP is Cove Road Publishing LLC, headed by Robert J. Wynne.

The station is in the Klamath Falls market, which doesn’t show up on the Arbitron market roster but does show up on Eastland’s list. According to Eastland, if all Arbitron and Eastland markets were put on the same ranking list, Klamath Falls would come in at #302.

Wynne has two other stations in Klamath Falls under the Cove Road umbrella – KKRB-AM and KFEG-FM.

Additionally, Wynne has a 90% interest in Wynne Enterprises, which has three more area stations, KFLS-AM/KKRB-FM Klamath Falls and KFLS-FM Tulelake CA.