Online Community Boards go live at


Readers of RBR and TVBR can now voice their opinions, share information and ask questions of fellow broadcasters on the new RBR/TVBR Community Forums. Go to to register and participate. RBR/TVBR Publisher Jim Carnegie is inviting everyone to speak out and mix it up.

“RBR & TVBR are designed to be an interactive forum and our new community boards give everyone the place to hang out and speak their mind, plus you don’t have to identify yourself. This will be fun, but also a place to exchange views and bring out new ideas for all to test and try,” Carnegie said in announcing the addition to the online news and information site.

The boards for posting comments feature several categories each for radio and television, so participants can focus on their particular area of interest – or lots of areas of interest. Like all parts of the website, signing up is free.