Obama takes multimedia message to Hispanics


Barack ObamaHispanic radio and television stations is three states are about to become the beneficiaries of a big political buy, courtesy of the campaign of President Barack Obama.

According to a report in The Hill, the Obama campaign is teaming with the Service Employees International Union and super PAC Priorities USA on a campaign that will utilize both radio and television and will cost $4M. The messaging will go after Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

The states that are in on the buy are all swing states with large Hispanic populations. The short list includes Colorado, Florida and Nevada.

The Democratic candidate figures to win the overall Hispanic vote, but the question is by how much. Republicans have been trying to make inroads into the Hispanic population, and Democrats are looking to solidify their advantage.

RBR-TVBR observation: Broadcasters can deliver two things better than most competing media: Location and a targeted audience. An ad specifically designed to influence the behavior of one segment of US society need not be seen by others, who would constitute a wasted impression.

With broadcast, it is possible to select programming to advertise on that reaches a broad cross-section of America. But importantly, it is equally possible to go after precise territory and precise demographics, getting a tailor-made message out where it will do the most good with the utmost efficiency and economy.