Noncommercial Denver AM gets alternative CPR treatment


Music-intensive formats, other than niche brands, have been pretty much chased of the AM dial for quite some time, but in Denver, Colorado Public Radio is going to turn the old news-on-AM, altrock-on-FM theory on its head and put an alternative format on KCFR-AM.

CPR programs classical on 88.1 KVOD-FM and news on 90.1 KCFR-FM. 1340 KCFR-AM has also been running the news format, but that will change in the fall.

CPR acknowledges the fidelity issues with the AM band, but believes that consumers access radio programming many ways now. They expect some fans of the station will use in-car digital streaming to tune in the station. Incoming GM Mike Flanagan told the Denver Post to think of the station as an internet station with a radio tower.

The station will focus on local indy talent and will air other material not generally heard on commercial radio. CPR says it will be like a college station gone to grad school.