No US bid for 2020 Olympics


NBC affiliates can forget about having a Summer Olympics on the home front in 2020. The US Olympic Committee (USOC) has decided not to make a bid.

2020 is the last Olympics in the package which NBCUniversal recently won in a bidding contest, paying $4.38 billion for two Summer and two Winter Olympics.

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Tulsa had all expressed an interest in hosting the 2020 games. However, the USOC doesn’t even have a procedure in place to pick a bidding city. Moreover, the USOC is still locked in a battle with the International Olympic Committee over revenue sharing.

The last time the Olympic Games took place in the United States was 2002, with the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. The last Summer Olympics on US soil was the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.