Nielsen’s L.A. Story: A Big Ratings Reissue


The removal of four homes from the Los Angeles Portable People Meter (PPM) panel by Nielsen has led the nation’s dominant audience measurement company to re-release seven months of Nielsen Audio ratings for the No. 2 market in the U.S.

According to a note sent to Nielsen Audio clients on Monday, Nielsen revealed that the removal of the four homes became effective with the April monthly currency data, reflecting the period of March 29 to April 25.

“An internal review determined that these homes did not meet our compliance and data integrity standards,” Nielsen said in its client letter. “In addition, we conducted an analysis of data from October 2017 to March 2018 and we have determined that the data for these months will be reissued.”

Therefore, Nielsen will publish revised ratings for these months, starting with March monthly data.

That will arrive at 3pm Eastern on Tuesday, May 22.

In a statement released late Monday, Nielsen said, “The integrity of our data is a top priority.”

In August 2016, the removal of 35 homes from the Los Angeles survey was conducted by Nielsen Audio due to their failure to follow quality protocols.

An impact analysis, which reviewed all months in 2016, shows there was “zero impact on total radio listening.”

— Additional reporting by Radio Ink