Nielsen Spring 2014 diary update


Clark-SmidtAt just about this time of year, back when, that famous soft covered 48 odd page Arbitron April / May spring books arrived.  While non-subscribing stations were forbidden to sell using the information, anyone with an ad agency pal could get a copy and pour through demos and day-parts for every station in whatever market.  

Today’s new Nielsen Audio Reports are “turning up the volume on radio measurement” and light years ahead with audience intricacies.  But, outsiders don’t see a true picture. What’s missing is a 12+ total audience comparison for every broadcast radio station in every one of the 276 markets surveyed.

Here’s a July weekend thought:  The Radio Business is working hard to regain our deserved stand-out respect as Media’s Great Connector:  Everywhere, Wireless and Free.  Radio content can feed and monetize all new digital channels.  Industry leaders are saying radio needs new excitement, sparkle and unified marketing to reach audience and advertisers.  Checking the just released June 4 book diary results, we’ll see many companies, and Mom & Pop’s, without their basic 12+ trends.  In fact, some markets show just one or two clusters.  For example, in #193 Tupelo, MS, near where DJ Bob Pittman’s started – the one subscriber, Urban Radio’s WBVV, shows 6.6 against a list of 27 non quantifiable call letters.  Hopefully, omission by exclusion transitions to credible comparison.  Every station adds to our story.  Customers need to see each local radio service contributing to lifestyle and economy, apples to apples.

Nielsen Audio’s innovations are just getting started.  Do you feel recognition from this one broad ratings stat stimulate new interest in individual zips, counties, entire markets and Add Business for All In Spectacular, Under-Rated Radio?

The 4 Book Diary Markets with Shares reported Fall ’13-Winter ’14-Spring ’14.

47.  New Orleans.  12+ population 1,193,300.  Tied for #1 Share is a Clear Channel pair (CCU).  Urban A/C WYLD moves 10.0-11.4-9.7 and UrbanContemp WQUE is 12.0-10.7-9.7.  Cumulus (CMLS) UrbanA/C KMEZ has the markets biggest jump 5.3-7.6-8.8 and Entercom (ETM) follows ranking 4th, 5th and 6th with A/C WLMG 6.3-7.2-7.1, CHR WEZB 5.6-5.4-4.8 and Classic Rock WKBU 5.5-4.2-4.6.  Observations:  The market’s only Country CCU WNOE takes a hit 5.8-5.5-4.3.  There are 3 News/Talkers with CCU WRNO 3.8-4.0-3.9, ETM WWL 4.8-3.0-3.1 and WWL/F 3.9-2.8-2.3.  New Orleans has no Jazz format and 24 stations have no number.  Market Cluster Shares:  CCU 31.7, ETM 211.9, CMLS 9.8.

50.   Oklahoma City.  1,153,700.  All Clear Channel, Tyler Broadcasting and Cumulus.  Top 5 shares:  CCU CHR KYJO #1 6.3-6.2-6.8, Tyler Classic Hits KOMA 5.6-7.0-6.3,  CCU Country KTST 4.7-5.4-5.7, Tyler A/C KMGL 5.9-5.1-5.4 and CMLS Rock KATT/F 4.2-5.2-5.3.  Observations:  Tyler also ranks 6th and 7th with KJKE Country 4.9-5.1-5.2 and RegMex. KTUZ 4.8-5.1-4.7.  CMLS Hot A/C KYIS goes 2.4-3.2-4.0 and Sports WWLS/F 4.1-3.3-3.8.  CCU offers Classic Country KXXY at 3.8-3.3-2.9 and Classic Rock KBRU 1.4-2.3-2.3.  No Rock, ModRock or Alternative and 20 stations below the line.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 21.5, Ty Tyler 19.6, CMLS 16.7.

53.  Monmouth-Ocean, NJ.  1,029,300.  IPO planning Townsquare Media is #1, 2 & 4; the cluster was not listed ’til Summer ’13. Top Share is Talk WMXW 0.0-8.1-8.2, A/C WOMB 3.7-3.4-3.8 and 4th is Hot A/C WJLK 3.9-3.9-3.3.  Press Communications Country WKMK/WTHJ is 3rd 5.0-4.9-3.5 and Greater Media Rock WRAT #5 2.7-3.2-2.7.  Observations:  Other factors include Greater Media Cassic Hits WJRZ 2.5-1.7-2.7, Townsquare Classic Rock 2.6-1.6-2.4 and Press Combo CHR WBBO 2.0-1.7-2.0 and ModA/C 2.5-2.5-1.7.  All market stations are listed.  Cluster Shares:  Townsquare 18.6, Press 7.2, Greater Media 5.4.

54. Louisville.  996,300.  It’s a Clear Channel Win and Place in Derby Town as Country WAMZ leads 7.1-8.1-7.8 and Talk WHAS is 9.5-8.6-6.5.  The next three positions go to growing Alpha Media:  UrbanContemp. WGZB 6.0-6.9-5.7 and a 3rd photo finish for CHR WDJX 6.1-5.0-5.7 and UrbanA/C WMJM 5.9-4.9-5.2.  Relatively new Summitmedia (bought from Cox) has the next three slots with Classic Hits WSFR 3.1-3.0-4.8, Country WQNU 4.7-3.9-4.0 and A/C WVEZ 4.5-4.3-3.9.  Stations bunch up with CCU CHR WNRW 3.8-3.8-3.7, CCU Classic Rock WQMF 3.6-3.8-3.6 tied with Alpha’s Hot AC 2.4-3.4-3.6.  Summitmedia Classic Country is 2.5-3.5-3.3.  19 stations are below the line.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 26.7, Alpha 21.4, Summitmedia 12.1.

55.  Richmond.  982,700.  Summitmedia shares the lead as Country WKHK scores 9.6-9.3-8.9 and Radio One (ROI) Urban A/C WKJS/WKJM  9.6-8.6-8.9.  Tied for 2nd are CCU twins UrbanContemp. WBTJ 9.0-6.4-7.1 and A/C WTVR/F 7.6-6.3-7.1.  ROI follows with UrbanContemp. WCDX 5.2-5.3-5.2 and Gospel WPZZ 5.9-5.4-4.9.  Observations:  CCU’s CHR WRVQ 5.0-4.1-4.0 ties clustermate ModRock WRVQ 2.8-3.9-4.0.  Alpha  (acquired form Main Line) coordinates Oldies WBBT/F 2.7-3.0-3.1 with Adult Hits WWLB 2.4-2.3-2.5 and Country WLFV is 1.8-2.3-2.1.  Summitmedia bunches up with CHR WURV-HD2 2.7-3.0-3.1, Hot A/C WURBV 3.1-2.6-2.9 and Classic Rock WKLR 3.1-2.6-2.9.  16 stations don’t subscribe.  Cluster Shares: CCU 27.6, ROI 19, Summitmedia 17.7.  Alpha 7.7

56.  Buffalo.  977,200.  Townsquare 1st & 2nd with Country WYRL 11.4-12.6-11.9 and Urban Contemp. WBLK 7.1-8.3-9.0.  Entercom News/Talk WBEN 8.3-9.1-8.3 followed by 4 & 5 slots for CMLS Classic Rock WGRE 5.1-5.3-6.5 and Classic Hits WHTT 6.5-6.7-5.4.  Observations:  ETM CHR is 5.7-6.3-5.7, Hot A/C WTSS 4.9-5.2-4.7 and Sorts WGR 5.5-4.6-3.3.  CMLS Rock WEDG is up 4.2-4.3-4.6 while Townsquare shows Soft A/C WJYE 4.8-4.6-4.7 and Adult Hits WBUE 3.7-2.9-2.7.  17 stations, including 6 Canadian are below the line.  Cluster Shares;  Townsquare 28.3, ETM 24.7, CMLS 16.8.

57.  Rochester.  Pretty much ETM and CCU as Stephens Media takes a break.  ETM Country WBEE is #1 12.7-11.0-11.5. Solo Monroe County UrbanContemp. WDKX is 2nd with 8.9-9.4-8.8.  CCM News/Talk WHAM 7.9-7.7-7.3 and ETM combo Classic Rock WCMF 4.6-3.8-4.9 and CHR WPXY 5.5-5.3-4.4 tied with CCU CHR  2.9-3.3-4.4.  Observations:  ETM Rock WBZA is 4.4-4.6-4.0, CCM Classic Rock is 2nd in the format 2.8-2.2-3.1 while ModA/C WDVI is 3.8-4.1-3.0.  19 stations are no shows.   Cluster Shares: ETM 25.3, CCU 19.6

59.  Birmingham.  903,000  Summitmedia is 1-2-3.  Urban A/C WBHK is #1 12.0-10.8-10.3, UrbanContemp. WBHJ 7.1-8.9-8.4 is #2 and Country WZZK/F 7.0-7.7-7.6.  4th goes to CCU Country WDXB 5.9-6.1-6.9 with CCU CHR WQEN #5 4.0-4.9-5.1.  Observations: CMLS shows up with Urban A/C WUHT 4.2-4.2-4.5, Sports WJOX/F 5.9-5.7-4.1 and the market’s 2nd CHR 2.5-2.3-2.4.  Summit has downs and ups with Classic Hits WBPT 4.0-4.7-4.4 and Soft A/C WEZZ 1.6-3.2-4.3.  CCU Talk WERC A/F is 3.8-3.0-3.8 and Summit Gospel WAGG tallies 3.1-2.6-3.4.  14 AMs and just 2 FMS are below the line.  Cluster Shares: Summit 39.6, CCU 24.1, CMLS 12.0

60.  Greenville, S.C.  895,700.  Summit Wins with Urban A/C WJMZ 9.1-9.4-9.1.  CCU has the next two and both are Country WSSK 8.6-8.4-7.9 and WESC 7.2-7.0-5.9.  4th & 5th place shares go to ETM CHR WFBR 5.2-6.1-5.8 and Co-owned Cassic Rock WROQ. Observations.  ETM also has Rock WTPT 5.0-4.6-4.3, the leading Talk format WYRD 0.0-4.6-3.9  and A/C WSPA 3.9-3.8-3.4.  CCU holds Hot A/C WMYI at 4.8-4.1-4.3, Salem is in the market with Classic Hits WRTH 92.9-2.-2.7 and Summit scores 1.4-1.4-1.5 with Adult Hits WJMZ-HD2.  16 AM, 3 FM DNS (do not show).  Cluster Shares: ETM 21.9, CCU 19.2, Summitmedia 16..5  

65.  Albany.  800,200.  Condolences to the family & friends of long-time market GM Rob Ausfield.  His long time Country WGNA, now Townsquare, continues to win 9.2-9.6-8.8.  Rob leaves his current Pamal cluster is solid shape with A/C WYJB 5.7-5.6-6.8 and CHR WFLY 6.8-6.3-6.7.  CCU follows with News/Talk WGY-A/F up 5.4-5.9-6.5 and Classic Rock WPYX steady 5.6-5.8-5.6.  CCU also has 6th & 7th share with Oldies WTRY/F 5.4-4.3-5.5 and Hot A/C WRVE 4.9-5.0-4.8.  The Townsquare cluster rounds out with Rock WQBK/WQBJ 3.1-2.6-3.4, Sports Team WTMM 2.6-2.5-2.2, UrbanContemp WWQSH-HD2  1.8-2.7-2.1 and CHR WQSH 1.1-1.3-1.9. Pamel also offers RymCHR WAJZ 3.8-3.8-2.8, Country WKLI/F holding 2.5-2.5-2.5 tied with AM Oldies WROW 3.3, 3.0-2.5.  Interesting to find two Oldies stations (not Classic Hits) in a Top 75 market and combining for an 8 share.  11 AM and 7 FMs are non-subscribers.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 25.3, Pamal 22.6, Townsquare 16.5.

As always, “To be continued….with more of the 4 book diary editions.  We’re past the All-Star break.  Time for a coordinated radio hitting streak to win the Media Fall Classic.  Let’s get elected.  VOTE FOR RADIO!

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