Nielsen Audio: The Top 10 Markets


Clark-SmidtI planned this article to pick up on diary market reviews somewhere around Canton, OH and Montgomery, AL.  Not so fast!  We interrupt 12+ diary reports in markets 136+ to bring you one of those rare double plays when the Top 10 market monthly PPMs appear simultaneously, with 6+ monthly shares for May/June/July 2014.  These are The Big Time Results and I’m sure you’ll understand if save the diaries for another day, take the cash cab to Madison Avenue and go straight to the top!:

1.  NEW YORK  6+ population 15,697,400.  CBS wins #1 in #1 with Classic Hits WCBS/FM, holding at 6.6-6.3-6.4 with a 4th high cume of 3.66 million.  The gone from the charts and outta our hearts “Jack” detour was like thinking “New Coke” could replace the original.  The string of #1’s is broken as Clear Channel (CCU) A/C WLTW slides to 2nd 6.8-7.1-6.2 despite a #1 cume of 4.76 million!  Emmis Urban A/C WBLS holds 3rd 5.6-5.6-5.5 and ties with CCU CHR WHTZ 5.6-5.2-5.5.  5th share 6+ is also a tie between Spanish Broadcast System (SBS) Tropical WSKQ 5.1-5.5-4.5 and CCU ClassicRock WAXQ 4.4-4.3-4.5.  Notes:  CBS News pair finds WCBS 3.9-4.0-3.7 just “that hair” ahead of WINS 3.4-3.3-3.6.  CBS Sports flagship WFAN A/F goes 3.8-3.1-3.3.  CCU RymA/C WKTU slips 4.4-4.0-3.9 while Urban WWPR is 3.2-3.2-3.4.  Emmis RymCHR WQHT went 3.5-3.4-3.2.  CBS ties itself with HotA/C WWFS 2.9-3.3-3.1 and new kid CHR WBMP 2.1-2.4-3.1.  Cumulus (CMLS) WPLJ gains 2.0-2.1-2.3 while Nash Country WNSH also ticks up 1.9-2.0-2.2.  CCU Talk WOR stays 1.6-1.5-1.5 while CCU Talk 77 WABC is 1.6-1.3-1.3 and tied with NYC Classical WQXR 1.7-1.4-1.3.  Two interesting non-coms tie at .7- FordhamU AA WFUV and Newark Jazz WBGO.  37 stations subscribe to Nielsen, while 15 don’t for a 71% reporting index from 52 stations.  Ethnic Comp. Hispanic 23%, Black 17%  Market Shares:  CCU 25.0, CBS 23.2, Emmis 9.0 and Spanish Broadcast System 7.1.

2.  LOS ANGELES.  10,860,300.  CCU #1 with Hot A/C KBIG steady 4.8-4.9-5.0 at the 2nd highest cume.  CCU has the #1 cume with 3rd place CHR KIIS/KVVS 5.3-5.2-4.6 and a huge 3.57 million. BTW, CCU also takes 5th share with A/C KOST 4.2-4.1-4.2.  LA’s #2 share is CBS ClassicHits KRTH 5.1-5.5-4.7 posting -.8 for the largest monthly fluctuation in this very crowded market.  4th spot belongs of Emmis RymCHR KPWR 4.4-4.6-4.4.  Notes:  L.A. is a great big freeway, put a hundred down and buy a car!  44 Nielsen Subscribing stations of which 24 register between a 3.2 an 1.1 share.  71 stations in all with a subscriber rate of 62%.  CBS CHR K-AMP 3.8-4.0-3.9 and ties itself with steady 2.9 shares on AdultHits  KCBS/F and ModRock KROQ while CCU Mod Rock is 2.2.  Also at 2.9 is CCU Talk KFI.  CBS News KNX is 2.5, Bonneville Classic Rock KSWD continues it’s comeback 2.6-2.9-3.2 while CMLS ClassicRock KLOS hangs at 2.1-2.1-2.2.  Univision has a pair in the Top 10 Romantica KLVE 4.1-3.6-3.5 and RegMexican KSCA 2.9-3.1-3.0.  9 stations are in the 2.2 – 2.6 range including Entravision Spanish KLYY 2.6, SBS RegionalMex KLAX 2.4, Univision SpanishHits 2.3 and Liberman Reg.Mex 2.2. Ethnic comp is 43% Hispanic with 32% of the subscribers aiming in that direction. Not many cowboys in LA, as Lone Country is Mt. Wilson’s KKGO at 2.4.  Shares:  CCU 23.9, CBS 17.1, Univision 8.8, Entravision 5.2, Emmis 5.2.

3.  CHICAGO.  7,819,200.  The market list 84 station!  44 list shares, 40 don’t  for a subscriber index of 52%.  #1 6+ share CCU UrbanA/C WVAZ grows 5.6-5.9-6.1 with only the 13th market cume.  CBS lands 2nd & 4th with News WBBM/WCFS-F strong at 5.0-5.0-5.5 and Country WUSN steady at 4.4-4.4-4.5.  Hubbard Broadcasting holds on to 3rd with HotA/C WTMX 4.9-5.0-4.9.  CCU has the #1 cume of 2.37 million from CHR WKSC/F 4.1-4.3-4.5, also tied for 4th.  Notes:  With the number of stations, it’s pretty close.  CBS RymCHR WBBM/F has #2 cume and a 4.4 share, tied with CMLS Classic Hits WLS/F.  CCU HotA/C WLIT/F 3.8, Univision RegMex WOJO is 3.7 and a 3 way tie at 3.6 between Tribune’s Talk WGN, CCU UrbanContemp. WGCI and CMLS ModRock WKQX.  Hubbard’s Classic Hits WDRV post 3.5-3.7-3.3 and A/C WILV is 2.9-3.0-2.6.  CBS AA WXRT 2.9-3.4-3.1 and CBS Classic Hits WJMK 2.0-2.5-2.3.  Crawford Broadcasting‘s Urban Combo WPWX and WSRB is good for 3.4, Sports shows CBS WSCR 1.9 and ESPN WMVP 1.6.  Digity lists their 6 station suburban cluster combining for 3.1  EthnicComp:  Hispanic 20%, Black 17.6%. Shares:  CBS 21.7, CCU 20.6, CMLS 11.5, Hubbard 10.8, Univision 6.9.  

4.  SAN FRANCISCO.  6,131,500.  CBS News KCBS-KFRC/F has #1 share 5.8-5.4-5.6 on a #8 cume.  CMLS Sports KNBR 6.1-5.8-5.1, News/Talk KQED 3rd 4.8-5.0-4.9, CBS CHR KMVQ 4.1-4.6-4.7 has the runner-up cume and CCU UrbanContemp KMEL grows 3.9-4.2-4.7.  Notes:  Entercom has #1 cume A/C KOIT at 1.42 million and 5th share 4.6-4.6-4.5.  Notes: CCU penetrates the terrain with RymContempCHR KYLD 4.1, Hot A./C KIOI 4.0, R&BOldies WISQ 3.2 and ClassicHits KOSF 2.6.  CBS HotA/C KLLC moves 2.9-3.1-3.3 while ModRock KITS holds 2.0  Univision Spanish KBRG dips 3.9-3.5-3.2 while Mexican KSOL/KSQL is in a 2.1 tie with SBS Reg.Mex KRZZ and U.So.Cal Classical Trimulcast KDFC.  Rounding out the 2 share shows are ETM UrbanA/C KBLX 2.4-2.7-2.6, CMLS iconic calls Classic Rock KSAN at 2.4 and AA KFOG 2.2.  EC is 22% Hispanic.  57 varieties of stations, 33 stations above the line, 14 below for a 70% subscribe index.  Shares:  CCU 20.1, CBS 15.6, CMLS 13.2, ETM 9.2, Univision 5.5

5.  DALLAS.  5,301,200.  62 stations in Big D, 48% listed.  CCU CHR KHKS is #1 and #1.  Shares 6.6-6.3-6.2, cume 1.85 million.  CCU also 5th with Classic Rock KZPS 4.2-3.9-3.9.  CLMS has a pair of Country stations in the top 5:  KPLX 6.6-6.1-5.6 and KSCS 3.9-3.-9-4.3 for 2nd and 4th.  CBS ClassicHits KLUV takes 3rd 4.4-4.1-4.3.  Notes:  Service Broadcasting is a player with their Urban AC/UrbanContemp. combo KRNB 3.2-3.4-3.9 and 3.3-3.6-3.6.  CCU has the Hot A/C WKDMX 3.3-3.3-3.7 and two Rockers WDGE 3.4-3.2-3.2 and KEGL 3.5-3.2-3.1.  There’s a RegionalMexican stand-off between Univision KLNO and CBS KMVK both at 3.0.  Next are CBS HotA/C KVIL 3.1-3.2-2.9, Adult Hits WJKK 2.6-2.9-2.7 and News/Talk KRLD 2.3.  Other News/Talkers are North Texas Public KERA 2.0 and CMLS WBAP 1.9.  Salem Communications‘ ContempChristian KLTY slips 4.2-4.1-3.5 and Radio One RymCHR KBFB is steady 3.3-3.3-3.4 as Urban A/C KSOC holds 2.0.  Sports isn’t big in Dallas as CMLS combines KTCK 2.2 with KESN 1.7 and CBS KRLD slides 1.8-1.6-1.2.  26% Hispanic.  Shares:  CCU 20.1, CMLS 18, CBS 16.4, Service Broadcasting 7.5.

6.  HOUSTON-GALVESTON.  5,025,800.  Two great song titles.  CCU on top, again #1 Share  & Cume Soft A/C KODA 6.5-7.0-6.4 at 1.92 million.

Radio One ranks 2nd and 5th with Urban A./.C KMJQ 6.2-6.2-6.3 and #5 RymCHR KBXX 5.4-6.0-5.7.  Cox Media slips in into 3rd and 4th with Country KKBQ/F 8.4-7.3-6.2 and ClassicHits KGLK/KHPT 5.7-5.7-6.1.  Notes:  A 60 station market with a 48% subscriber index, 34% Hispanic, 18% Black.  Entravision’s lone contender is Reg.Mex KLTN 5.1-5.1-4.9.  Univision’s 4 station Spanish/Mexican cluster totals 6.0,  CHR is a shoot-out between CBS KKHH 3.4-3.5-4.1 and CMLS KBRE 3.5 3.5-3.9-4.0.  CCU Urban KQBT slips 4.5-4.2-3.7 and CBS bunches up with Hot A/C KMXS 3.6, SpanishHits KLOL 3.5 and Country KILT 3.4.  News/Talk finds CCU WTRH 3.3-3.1-3.2 over University of Houston WUHF 2.7-2.7-2.8 and Radio One KROI at a flat .8.  Shares:  CCU 20.0, CBS 16.1, Cox 14.3, ROI 12.8, Univision 6.0.

8.  PHILADELPHIA.  4,493,700.  Crowded, competitive 27 subscribers, 19 DNS, 59% index.  Consistent #1 is Jerry’s Lee’s stand-alone A/C WBEB.  #1 share 8.0-7.3-6.5, #1 cume  1.55 million.  Outstanding example but always must stay a step ahead.  Beasley Broadcasting is 2nd with Country WXTU moving close to top spot 5.9-6.4-6.3.  CBS Classic Hits WOGL scores #3 6.3-6.8-5.8 and CCU Urban A/C WDAS 4th 5.7-5.3-5.5.  Greater Media’s cluster is led by their own 5th place tie between Classic Rock WMGX 5.1-5.9-5.4 and Rock WMMR 6.0-5.2-5.4.  Greater Media’s Adult Hits WBEN grows to a steady 3.8 while Sports WPEN sits at 1.9, behind CBS Sports WIP/F 4.1-3.6-3.2.  Radio One combines the growing R&BOldies WRNB 3.8-4.3-5.3 with RhyCHR WPHI 2.1-2.1-2.5 and Gospel WPPZ 2.1.  CCU adds ModRock WRFF 4.0-4.4-4.7, Urban WUSL 4.3-4.3-4.2, CHR WIOQ 3.5-3.7-3.7 and RymA/C WISX 3.1-3.2-3.1. Beasley’s RymCHR WPHI/F is 2.1-2.1-2.5.  CBS wins the News race with KYW 4.0-4.0-4.1 over the WHYY 6 station network (is that a sextocast?)  growing 2.6-2.7-2.9.  CBS Talk WPHT gains 2.1-2.2-2.5.  Shares:  CCU 21.3, Greater Media 16.5, CBS 15.6, Beasley 9.1, Jerry Lee 6.5.

9.  ATLANTA.  4,322,100.  68 stations, with 43% from 29 subscribers.  Cox takes 1/2 of the Top 6, including #1 Share & Cume A/C WSB/F jumping  6.0-6.2-7.0 and almost 300k out front in Cume with 1.27 million.  Cox is 2nd with News/Talk WSB/WSBB-F 7.4-7.0-6.6, 4th ranked Urban A/C WALR 7.0-6.5-6.3 and 6th place ClassicHits WSRV 5.0-5.5-5.8.  3rd place belongs to CBS UrbanContemp. WVEE 6.0-6.5-6.5 while CCU is 5th with Country WUBL 4.9-5.7-6.3.  Notes:  Salem Christian WFSH slips 5.4-5.2-5.0 while RadioOne slides with UrbanA/C WAMJ/WUMJ 6.0-5.2-4.4, UrbanContemp WHTA 3.9-3.8-3.7 and Gospel WPZE 4.1-3.9-3.5.  CMLS has the 2nd Country WKHX 3.9-3.5-3.6, Classic Rock WNNX 1.9-1.6-2.0 and News/Talk WYAY 2.1-1.8-1.9.  The winning News format comes from City of Atlanta Board of Ed WABE up 3.1-3.5-3.6.  Lincoln Financial offers HotA/C WSTR 3.5-3.7-3.4 and Sports WQXI .4 vs. CBS Sports WAOK WZGC .9.  Clark Atlanta U. gets a .9 from Jazz.  Ethnic Comp. 34% Black.  Shares:  Cox 25.7, CCU 15.7, CMLS 1.5, ROI 11.6, CBS 7.7.

#7  WASHINGTON, DC and #10 BOSTON appear at 5 Tuesday PM, August 5. 

19.  LONG ISLAND.  2.423,700.  Summer’s a good time to be there.  Besides the NYC station splash, locals Cox CHR WBLI 6.7-6.6-5.9 and CCU (soon to be Connoisseur) A/C WALK 6.0-2.8-5.9  tie at #1.  WBLI has the Top L.I. cume at 704,800 behind New York City’s WHTZ #4 at 5.3 and a 770,500. cume.  CBS Sports WFAN is 3rd on the Island 5.4 and NYC sends in CBS News 4.6, CCU Classic Rock WAXQ 3.8, and CBS Classic Hits WCBS/FM 3.7 before local Connoisseur A/C WKJY posts 3.8-3.6-3.4.  Notes:  Other locals include Cox Classic Rock WBAB 3.6-3.6-3.2 tied with Connoisseur Classic Hits WBZO 3.4-3.2-3.2 and Rock WWSK 2.2-2.0-1.6. In all 57 stations are in the Long Island Nielsen Audio report, 36 subscribe, 21 DNS for 63%.  Shares:  CCU 26.1 with WALK and 20.2 without, CBS 21.3, Cox 9.1, Connoisseur 8.2 but 14.1 with WALK.

Big markets, big stations, big value from Radio:  $6 business dollars back for every $1 Ad Dollar spent!  The Great Connector:  Wireless, Everywhere and Free.  VOTE RADIO.  To be continued……

–Media Advisor Clark Smidt is spending his 48th summer in broadcasting assisting confidential clients with Content & Business Development, Branding, Strategy and advanced insights from Research Director, Inc, Annapolis, MD.  Having worked in Boston management since WBUR/FM & WBZ ’71 and as Nor’east Broadcast Advisor starting in ’82, Clark arranges and implements mass appeal formats with focus on 35+, Boomers, new business and political advertising.  No cost applications add income.  Delivery, Start-ups, Turn-arounds and Making Great Stations Even Better.  Please visit and call Clark at 978 470-2120  [email protected].   




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