New UHF Television Bandpass Filters Come to NAB Show


ERI is preparing to introduce a new UHF Television Bandpass Filter with improved insertion loss and a unique forced air cooling system when it hits the expo floor of the upcoming 2023 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The UF1500B is rated for 1.5 kW average power at the filter output and is convection cooled. The Model UF5000B adds forced air cooling, increasing the power handling capability to 5.0 kW.

According to ERI, the unique targeted forced air-cooling system employed utilizes distributed finned heat sinks with individual cooling fans to target those locations that generate the most heat, based on laboratory testing. “The system provides better heat removal using lower volumes of targeted airflow and has the benefits of less ambient noise and lower power consumption than traditional forced air-cooling methods,” the company claims.

The filters have lightweight Aluminum construction and copper resonators, and no finger stock is used. Instead, a mechanical clamping and copper collar firmly hold the resonator at its proper setting. The filter is temperature compensated using an Invar stabilized copper bellows, which is part of the resonator assembly. Multiple cross-couplings are provided to increase the rejection of transmitter out-of-band emissions. Six and eight-pole designs are available for 8-VSB and COFDM applications and are listed below. Input and output connections are unflanged: 1-5/8, 3-1/8, or 4-1/16-inch.