New TV and radio spots promote adoption


Florida Lt. Governor Jeff Kottkamp unveiled a series of statewide English and Spanish television spots promoting the benefits of public adoption. The spots are part of Governor Charlie Crist’s "Explore Adoption" initiative, a statewide PSA  campaign aimed at finding permanent homes for children who often wait the longest — those who are older than age 8, African American, part of a sibling group or have a physical or emotional disability.

In one spot, a ticking clock punctuates the silence as a middle-aged husband and wife gaze at each other across a bland dinner table. "House grown too quiet?" asks the narrator. The answer, "Add kids." That’s the message aimed at changing the way people think of adoption and encouraging them to consider adopting a teenager, disabled child or sibling group.

The spots intentionally feature older parents, empty nesters and single parents in an effort to find homes for the children in care who typically wait the longest for adoptive families.

Another spot features a father’s flashback when his wife brings up the topic of having more children. After he recalls a baby flinging food, the wife shows her husband a teenager featured on the State’s searchable Web
site,, who likes football "just like you."

The television spots — five in English, three in Spanish — and four radio spots in English and Spanish will begin airing statewide this month on network affiliate and cable television and radio stations. All can be viewed at the "Explore Adoption" website,