New Service Providing Path to OTT


internet2TalkShowStudioTV Network is a service that allows individuals and entities that can meet a certain social media presence threshold a means to make their content available to consumers with OTT access on a global basis.

This includes radio and television stations, as well as other forms of media.

The service can provide video production and streaming service – all the talent needs is a Skype account and a webcam.

The company stated, “’My Talk ShowTM’ segments will be produced and distributed worldwide by TalkShowStudio.TVTM and streamed Over-The-Top to TV sets, mobile devices and websites. Individual segments can be embedded in blogs, news articles, on websites and shared on social media.”

The resulting productions can be embedded in a wide variety of platforms, including social media, blogs, web pages, mobile apps and on TV.

Describing possible users, the company said, “Television and radio stations, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, mobile apps and other media outlets can use TalkShowStudio.TVTM as an interface platform to connect with, produce and stream news, sports, celebrity and other talk show guests via the Internet using TalkShowStudio.TV Network Intermediary Services. Public relations campaigns can employ TalkShowStudio.TVTM to create and distribute OTT talk show video content and communications.”