New NRSC Working Group Leadership Arises


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Leadership changes have been announced for two key working groups of the National Radio Systems Committee (NRSC), a technical standards-setting body co-sponsored by National Association of Broadcasters and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

Alan Jurison, Senior Operations Engineer for Engineering and Systems Integration at iHeartMedia, will chair the NRSC’s IBOC Standards Development Working Group (ISDWG).

ISDWG is a sub-group of the Digital Radio Broadcasting (DRB) Subcommittee, which is co-chaired by E. Glynn Walden, consultant to Audacy, and Jackson Wang, President of e-Radio Inc.

Jurison is vacating his current position as chair of the NRSC’s Metadata Usage Working Group (MUWG) where he has served since 2012. Current activities of the ISDWG include development of an NRSC Guideline for all-digital AM radio stations and updating the NRSC-5 digital radio standard – the technical standards expression of Xperi’s HD Radio digital radio system – a task undertaken by the group every five years.

“Having Alan as the new ISDWG chair is a great development,” Walden said. “Alan has been a major contributor to NRSC technical documents and done an outstanding job at the helm of the MUWG. With the NRSC-5 review upcoming, Alan and his group have their work cut out for them.”

David Bialik, a systems engineering consultant, will be the new chair of the MUWG, a sub-group of the Data Services and Metadata (DSM) Subcommittee which is chaired by New York Public Radio Chief Technology Officer Steve Shultis. David’s initial project as group chair is to lead the development of NRSC-G304, Metadata for Streaming Audio Guideline.

“David’s expertise in the area of streaming for broadcast audio will be put to good use as the new chair of the MUWG,” commented DSM Subcommittee chair Shultis. “Radio broadcasters rely increasingly upon their audio streams and the NRSC is eager to help develop better standards in this area.”